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The Connectory is a global network of innovation spaces, promoted by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs. It aims to co-create and to drive the development of innovative solutions and new business models in different AIoT areas.​

The Connectory concept is based on 3 pillars:​

  • Partnerships and co-creation​
  • Corporate projects​
  • Educational experience​

All the Connectory locations around the world follows the same core concept, but each one has its own unique features, focus areas, and local partner. Today we are present different places like: Curitiba, Chicago, Guadalajara, Stuttgart and Shanghai.​The main goal of this network is to foster an innovation culture and the entrepreneurial mindset, sharing experiences and knowledge, bringing together startups, educational institutions and companies.

​The Curitiba Connectory is the first Connectory location in South America, and it was created by Bosch and it has a partnership with Habitat Senai, focusing on the areas of: AIoT – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation.  Our goal is to foster a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude in partnership with other companies, startups, universities, institutes and organization.

Our mission is to build a connected world, promoting connections and partnerships that will accelerate the innovation process and will generate an impact on the creation of innovative solutions between startups, companies, universities and the community.

Here are some opportunities you can find by joining our network:

  • Educational Experiences, by generating and sharing all the learnings and knowledge of focus areas, always in a practical way, like our IoT Lab Workshop.
  • Co-creation & Innovation Programs such as Hackathons, Ideation Wrokshops, where we seek and generate new business ideas, always developing it along with our partners.
  • Project Acceleration by establishing strong partnerships with other companies, startups and universities, aiming to develop solutions for shared challenges, new products, services and business models.
  • Tours, meet our innovation space and Bosch cases with AIoT.

Our focus is to attract Bosch associates and partners (startups, companies, universities) that are engaged in the Curitiba Connectory focus areas through events and co-creation, educational experiences and projects acceleration.

We also host open events for all those who have interest and wish to Interact with the Boschs Innovation and IoT ecosystem, as our meetups and tours.

You can keep up with our events schedule in our website, Linkedin or our Sympla page.

Get in contact directly with our team for joint acctions. We are open for new events and new ways of collaboration.

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